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The year is 2198 and Chaos is about to reign upon the Earth. Will You Survive it?

World of Darkness Rifts will have the wonderous storylines from both Chaos Earth and Rifts, the great elements of the World of Darkness(Vampire, Mage and Werewolf), while using the D20 system (With a new magic and armor system thrown in). Players will begin this adventure on the days leading to Chaos Earth. The evils in World of Darkness will fuel the fire to the downfall of a once prosperous human society filled with scientific breakthrus.

Some players will be witness first hand to the evil that brings the Great Catacysm. Will they survive? And if they do, will they be the ones who help save humanity?

The Gaming system is currently changing rules to Edge of Empires, Age of Rebellion and Warhammer RPG 3rd edition.

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