You can summon elementals, undead, beastial spirits, or planar entities simply by rolling your Arcane Skill check. Each creature added to the summoning after the first adds 5 to the difficulty for small/medium and 10 to the difficulty for Large/Huge. Maximum amount of creatures summoned each spell (called a batch) is your Intellegence Modifier. Summoning a creature/creatures takes one FULL ROUND. The Creature/s appear up to 30ft. away from the caster and may attack immediately upon summoning. Stats on the creatures come from 3.5 D&D.

Every time you use a summoning spell, the creatures summoned is considered a “batch”. It takes a swift action to direct the “batch” to move and attack a target. If a batch is not directed within a number of rounds (Int. Mod.) then they sense they are no longer needed and fade back to where they came.


Beatsial Spirits
Planar Entitiy
Small (10) Med. Skeleton /Sm. Zombie (10) Small (10) HD (10)
Medium (15) Tough Med. Skeleton /Med. Zombie Medium (15) HD (15)
Large (20) Large Skeleton /Tough Med. Zombie (20) Large (20) HD (20)
Huge (25) Ghast /Large Zombie (25) Huge (25) HD (25)
Gargantuan (35) Mummy, Shadow, Vampire, Spawn, or Wight (35) Gargantuan (35) HD (35)


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