Enhancement Spells

Three Attributes are effected, but only one choice at a time can be targeted: Strength, Dexterity, and Charisma. For every 5 skill points you have in Arcane Skill, you may add +2 enhancement in that specific targeted attribute. Enhancement can be ranged but only at 5 ft. per 5 Arcane Skill.

Alteration Spells

Alteration: Healing

The casters Anima and channels it to a healing power to seal wounds and repair damage to the body. For every Arcane Skill of 5, the healing power is 1d8. Healing can be ranged but only at 5 ft. per 5 Arcane Skill.

Alteration Physical

Takes the casters Anima to change a persons features. There are several ways of changing a persons features, however each has it’s own difficulty to the features the mage is looking for. For example, if the mage wishes to look different to throw off those looking for her, it would be arcane skill difficulty 5 for facial features and an extra 5 for body size. If the mage wishes to look like someone else, then difficulties on how long the mage has studied the person she wishes to look like are added or subtracted to the arcane skill difficulty.


The mage can also use the spell to camouflage herself with her surroundings. For every 5 Arcane Skill difficulty of the spell, she adds to her stealth skill check. (Example: the mage has an Arcane Skill of 10. So she is able to add +10 to her stealth skill without even a roll to camouflage). The mage must have the Arcane Effects Talent: Object/Material to camouflage items that she is wearing or carrying as well..

Alteration of the Eyes

This allows the mage to change her vision: Low-Light Vision is Arcane Skill 10, Darkvision is 15 and Blind-Sight is 20.

Travel Levitation: Arcane Skill 5
Travel Fly: Arcane Skill 10
Travel Dimension Hop: Arcane Skill 5 for the first 5ft. Plus 10 ft. per 5 Arcane Skill after.


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